A Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Answer Your Bankruptcy Questions.

Filing of the bankruptcy petition brings into effect an automatic stay against your creditors from trying to collect the debt from you. The stay remains in effective till your case is over – either you are discharged or your discharged is denied or you withdraw your case. Sometimes, the bankruptcy court may on request of a creditor release the stay. In Chapter 7, the stay generally continues till discharge while in Chapter 13 the stay generally continues till completion of the payment plan. If you are located in Pinellas County or Tampa Bay, a Tampa bankruptcy lawyer can help you file for bankruptcy. Continue reading

Divorce with children can get messy

No one wants to be at the center of a scandal like Jill Kelley, that’s a fact.  No one wants to be at the center of a bitter custody battle like her sister, Natalie Khawam because she lost the fight for her child.

If you didn’t read it in the paper, Jill Kelley is at the center of a scandal involving ex-CIA director David Petraus, and Natalie was also involved because Petraus wrote letters to a judge on her behalf. Continue reading

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Be A Fresh Start

I read an article that said 78 percent of NFL players are broke within two years of retirement.  That’s staggering.  Unfortunately, being broke is a common occurrence in today’s economy.  Many in Tampa Bay are struggling.

Sometimes people just can’t make it work anymore.  That’s why our laws allow for bankruptcy.  Whether you’re a former NFL player or a small mom-and-pop shop, bankruptcy is a process for either erasing or restructuring your debt.  Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start. Continue reading

Who Gets The Debt In A Divorce?

When we’re talking divorce, most people think who gets the money?  But there is another important question that needs to be asked, which is who gets the debt?
With a divorce, debt is divided up just like money.  The more debt, the more it’s divided up.  Does your wife have high credit card balances?  How much does your husband owe on the car?  These are things that are going to come up in any divorce and these are things that will probably cause a fight.
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Bankruptcy And Your Utility Bills

Bankruptcy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bankruptcy) is a legal process whereby individual consumers and businesses can eliminate or repay some or all of their debts. If creditors are hounding you or you face repossession or foreclosure, filing for debt relief may be the right path to take. It is a complex process, however, and there are many issues to consider. Here, we will look at one of the most common areas people have questions about: how utilities and utility bills are affected by bankruptcy.
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